Find Out Why Ignoring Your Ex Boyfriend Is The Way To Get Him To Talk To You - Make Him Call You!

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How can a guy be so loving and attentive one minute and the next minute he won't even talk to you? But that is what usually happens when your relationship breaks up. It's frustrating because you feel that if you could sit down and talk with him, you could work things out. But there of ways to get him back without talking to him. Find out why ignoring him will make him call you.

It is only natural that you should want to communicate with him because you are a much nicer person than he is. Or your demeanor is much better than his. Here he is running off, sulking and breaking your heart. Is that very thoughtful and loving of him? Instead of trying to reason with your ex boyfriend, treat him like he is treating you. Ignore him and have no contact with him.

You might wonder how having no contact with him will get your ex to talk to you. There is an easy answer to that. You will be doing what he least expects you to do and he will be confused. The guy that won't talk to you thinks you love him too much to just let him go. He thinks you will cry and tell him you can't live without him. He wants you to grovel and lose your dignity.

He knows he does not deserve such a sweet and pretty woman as you. That makes him insecure and he is afraid of losing you. Making you lose your pride and chase him inflates his ego and make him feel deserving of you. Once he has you begging, he finds he enjoys it and if he does not communicate with you, it will make you beg all the more.

You can make him change his mind and his attitude almost immediately by cutting off all contact and ignoring him. Act like you are over him and you are moving on. Go out with your friends and be seen flirting with other guys. Don't date any of them, but make sure your ex boyfriend hears of your activities. He will think you are looking for a new boyfriend.

Next, you should disappear. Take a trip to visit relative and friends that live in another city. Your ex boyfriend will be trying to contact you and if you are away, it will make it easier to ignore him. When you don't take his calls, he will think you have run away with one of the guys you were flirting with. This will make him see how much you mean to him and he will be desperate to get you back.

When you get back from your trip, you should have your emotions in good shape. Call your ex boyfriend back and tell him you noticed he has been trying to call you. The guy that would not talk to you, will be so happy to hear your voice, you will have a hard time getting him off the phone. This is why ignoring your ex boyfriend is the way to get him to talk to you.

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Find Out Why Ignoring Your Ex Boyfriend Is The Way To Get Him To Talk To You - Make Him Call You!

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This article was published on 2010/11/18
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