How Do I Make My Ex Boyfriend Return My Phone Calls? - 3 Sneaky Ways to Let Him Call You Back

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Your ex boyfriend is avoiding your phone calls and you want to know how to get rid of it. Let me tell you that there is a little secret method you can use to get him return your calls, emails or text messages. You may have found already some information that deals with your voice tone or how much you call him but this is not the most important step to get him back. In this article I will tell you exactly what to say and what not to say. Follow my tips and you can be sure he will answer your calls.

Do not say anything that is unattractive
The main reason why your ex boyfriend has not return your phone calls was because you said things that were unattractive. Next time you are on the phone with him do not act sad, desperate, needy or insecure at all. In fact do not bring up the relationship or the break-up at all. If you say things that are not attractive it will devalue you and it will become hard to get him back. Do not ask him if he has another girl or has slept with someone else.

Do not call your ex immediately
It is not allowed to call your ex boyfriend immediately after the break-up. You should give him time to miss you. Furthermore if the break-up is still fresh you say things that are not so attractive. If you would call your ex right now it is very likely that you will say things that make him angry. Or perhaps you may act desperate, needy and insecure.

Act happy and cheerful
If you want that your ex boyfriend returns your phone calls then you have to make clear that you are a positive women. This is a very strong signal to him that you have moved on with your life. Of course he is excepting that you feel rotten and miserable. By doing the opposite he will become intrigued and make him feel a big fear of loss.

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How Do I Make My Ex Boyfriend Return My Phone Calls? - 3 Sneaky Ways to Let Him Call You Back

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This article was published on 2010/04/03
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