How To Convince Your Ex Boyfriend To Forgive You For Hurting Him And Get A Second Chance

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You have hurt your ex boyfriend and now you regret your actions. That can put you in a tough situation, but you can get him to forgive you. If you truly love your man and want a second chance, you will have to convince him you have changed. In order to do that you might have to swallow some pride, but nothing is impossible if you want it bad enough.

How hard it will be and how long it will take to convince your ex boyfriend to forgive you will depend on what you did to hurt him. If it was just a spat and you said some things that were pretty hurtful, he should get over it fast. But if you lied to him or cheated, that will be a whole different ball game and you will have to be very careful not to make things worse.

Although men and women think differently about many things, when they are deeply hurt, they have one thing in common. They want to be alone. Look at it from your own standpoint. If you were the one that had been hurt what would you want your ex to do? You would want him to give you time to get over your anger and heal your wounds. Your ex boyfriend will need you to give him the same consideration.

That will be a good way to start showing your ex you respect his feelings. But to convince him you have changed you will need to start making those changes immediately. If you hurt him by throwing a tantrum and tearing into him unmercifully, you probably should take some anger management classes. You can never have a sound relationship with anyone until you can control yourself.

On the other hand if he caught you cheating, you have a more serious problem. Needless to say, you have to end the affair immediately. If he caught you lying to him several times, you will have to show him he can trust you. None of this will be easy, and you won't get your ex back overnight. You have to face up to your short comings and make the necessary changes.

When you have made the necessary changes, the first person you will have to convince is yourself. You must be honest with yourself before you can be honest with others. All of this will take time and you will want to rush things to prevent your ex boyfriend from finding someone else. But, if you both sincerely love each other, forgiveness can be achieved.

In the long run, both you and your ex boyfriend will gain from the experience. You will like yourself better and he will have a woman he can trust as well as love.

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How To Convince Your Ex Boyfriend To Forgive You For Hurting Him And Get A Second Chance

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How To Convince Your Ex Boyfriend To Forgive You For Hurting Him And Get A Second Chance

This article was published on 2011/01/12
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