How To Get Over An Ex Boyfriend

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Getting over an ex boyfriend is never an easy thing to do. It seems to take longer when he is the one doing the breaking up, and it definitely hurts more. When my ex broke up with me, I thought my heart had been ripped in two. I could not understand how he could just throw away the time we had spent together, how he could just throw me away. I did not know it at the time, but he had been cheating on me for months.

Ending the Relationship

I could feel that something had changed in our relationship, but I really did not think that he would cheat on me. When he finally did get around to breaking up with me, he used my losing my job as his reason why. It was only later that I discovered he was already with his new girlfriend and that she made more money than I did. Up until that point, I had even tried to think up ways of getting him back.
I did not want to be alone, mostly, but I really had loved him and was devastated by our break up.

Getting Over Him After Breaking Up

It has taken me awhile to get over my boyfriend, and really I am not sure I am completely. Deep down I know that if he could do that to me, cheat on me and then leave me for someone who made more money, I realize that he never really loved me at all. That does not change the fact that I loved him very much, or that I wish things had worked out differently.

Wondering Who My Ex Boyfriend Is With

I started to wonder whether there was some vital flaw in me, some thing that I never realized was there, that could induce someone to treat me that way. It was awhile before I could bring myself to realize that it was not a flaw in my character, but in his. Looking back I realize I did everything I could to show my love, and let him know I respected and appreciated him. There really was nothing more I could have done to make things turn out differently, and blaming myself for things not working out was silly. Sometimes, no matter how badly you want it to be, love just is not there for both of you. I wanted us both to be happy. It just turned out that we are happier apart.

Getting Over An Ex Boyfriend Was Really Hard

I am really the last person who could tell you how to get over an ex boyfriend. For myself, I cried and I raged and even confronted him about the shabby way he treated me. None of that helped as much as just coming to accept that we just were not meant to be. I gained a lot from our being together, and I would not change having met him. It is never wrong to be in love, although you can definitely find yourself in love with the wrong person.

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How To Get Over An Ex Boyfriend

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This article was published on 2011/02/09
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