How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back By Doing The Unexpected - It Will Make Him Come Running Back

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When you lose the man you love, your dream is to see him come running back to you. The problem will be, to keep from being under his control. When the breakup occurs, you are caught by surprise, but your ex boyfriend has been planning it for some time. This gives him a great advantage over you and that is what he is counting on. He is expecting you to cry and beg him to love you again. He is expecting you to tell him you cannot live without him. But if you do the unexpected, he will be the one caught by surprise and the you will have the advantage.

The best way to make him come running back, is to ignore him. Move on with your life as if he does not exist. Spend time with your family and let their love and support renew your confidence. You might not feel like it, but you should go out with your friends and try to have some fun. None of this is what your ex boyfriend expected you to be doing. He was all set for phone calls, emails and text messages, and he was ready to reject you and hurt you more. Your ex was expecting you to lose your pride and dignity and practically grovel at his feet.

When you refuse to play his game, he will wonder if you still love him. About this time it would be a good idea to disappear for a while. Take a vacation or visit relatives if possible, but if you cannot get away, at least stay out of his sight. During this time, go to a good salon and get a new hair style and then go shopping for the type of clothes he prefers.

Your ex boyfriend will have noticed that you were missing and wonder what has happened to you. He will ask your friends if they have seen you, but if you have been away, they can honestly say they have not seen you. This will make him wonder if you have a new boyfriend and he will call you. Do not answer his calls. Instead let him see the lovely woman he dumped. Now that you are looking desirable with your new hair style and clothes, get with your friends and go out on the town.

Stop by the places he hangs out and watch his jaw drop when he sees you. Then disappear again. This will make your ex boyfriend start calling you non stop, but be unavailable. Let him go through some of the torment you went through when he would not talk to you. Do not carry this too far, so that he becomes discouraged. If you want him to come running back, you will have to give him hope. Call him back and ask him to meet you for coffee. This way you are in control and calling the shots. When you do get him back, never let him become the focus of your life again and he will never take you for granted.

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How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back By Doing The Unexpected - It Will Make Him Come Running Back

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This article was published on 2010/10/04
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