How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Regret About His Decision?

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The days after a breakup is an especially volatile time. You can not forget your ex boyfriend and he is so angry. Now you are trying to talk to him according to your heart. If you follow your heart, it will make everything worse even he will never regret about his decision.


If you continue to pester him with phone calls, emails and text messages he may never want to talk to you again. It is understandable that you would be upset, after all you had dreamed of a happy future with your man. Now that all seems to have been take away and you are desperate to have it back. But you do not have to lose the love of your life. There are ways to make him regret losing your love and get him back fast. Read on and see how easy it can be.


The first thing to consider is the difference in the way men and women handle a breakup. Being a woman, you think things can be talked out. But, he just wants to be left alone. Take a look at your emotional condition and consider the fact that he would not have broken up with you if he was happy. This should make you see that distancing yourself from him is your best idea.


To make your ex boyfriend regret losing your love, it will be necessary to accept the breakup and move on. Let your ex see that you have the strength and maturity to live your life without him. When he sees that you are respecting his wish to be left alone, he will have more respect for you. Having no further contact with your man for a few weeks will have another benefit also.


Although he kept rejecting you when you were trying to talk to him, he wanted you to chase him. To have a lovely woman like you telling him she cannot live without him inflated his ego. But, when you stop trying to get him back he will wonder if you have found someone else. When he broke up with you, he never thought he would lose you for good. Now the thought of you with someone else will drive him wild.


This would be a good time to take that vacation you had been planning or visit out of town relatives and friends. If that is not possible, at least stay out of his site. The more of a mystery you become to him, the more it will spark his interest. He will wonder where you are and what you are doing. Being without you has given him time to think about the good times you had together and start to miss you.


Your ex boyfriend will soon face the fact that he still loves you and regrets losing your love. This will cause him to contact you, but do not appear anxious to see him. Let him work to get a meeting with you and he will agree to whatever you say.


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How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Regret About His Decision?

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This article was published on 2010/09/06
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