How to Make Your Ex-Boyfriend Want You Back!

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Does it seem like everything you do pushes your ex further away? The more you try, the worse it gets? The more you show him that you care, the less interested he is, right? Well, there is a good reason for this. It's called human nature. We want what we don't have. Pursue him and he will stay at arms length or further. Leave him alone and eventually he will come looking for you.

The question that you have to ask yourself is. . . . "Do I really want him back and is it because I truly love him or is it because I am lonely?" It's a known fact that we will fight to keep something that we already have, even if we don't really want it. If we sense that we are about to lose something, alarms go off inside of us, and we fight to keep it!

Why do you think couples break up and get back together time after time, only to break up and repeat the cycle again? It's because one or the other, or both, realize that they don't have that person there beside them. They don't have what they used to have. They get lonely and start to rationalize and tell themselves that it wasn't that bad, that it will be different this time. Only to find themselves back in an unhappy relationship, wanting to get out again.

Hey, I thought this article is supposed to be about how to make your ex-boyfriend want you back?

Well, it is. I just want you to know deep down why you want him back and then be happy once you do finally get him back. Fair enough? Good.

Obviously you are serious about getting your ex-boyfriend back, or you wouldn't be reading this article in the first place. I know at this time, you are probably hurting, and I feel for you. I really do! I've been through it, believe me, I know how you feel. But if you are going about it the wrong way, you are only making things worse.

So lets go over a couple things that can help you right away, ok? First off, you need to break off contact from him for awhile. I know it isn't easy, but you may have to take a few steps backwards before you can move forward again. Constantly calling, stopping by, writing him e-mails or text messaging him needs to stop. You want him to want you, not be afraid that you are stalking him!

While you are spending some time away from your ex-boyfriend, you should focus on ways that you can improve your own personal life. What can you do to make yourself more attractive to him? I don't necessarily mean physically attractive, just as a person in general. Men want someone who is strong and can stand on their own two feet. Most men like an independent, take charge kind of woman. Not overbearing and bossy, just confident and someone that knows what they want. There is something attractive in that.

What ever you do, just stay away for awhile. Let him miss you; maybe have doubts that he can still have you. Give him a sense of urgency. If he knows that he can have you whenever he decides to, he has no reason to come back. He can stay away, maybe see other people, and know that whenever he wants you, all he has to do is call.

But, the key is to make him wonder. If he's unsure that he controls the cards, he will come running back to you. You may become mysterious to him in some ways, because he doesn't know what you are doing or feeling. This is actually something that will work in your favor. Now your ex boyfriend is in a position to miss you, which is not possible when you are stalking him!

Once you do this, you allow your ex-boyfriend to remember why he fell in love with you in the first place. Once that happens, he will be right back in your arms in no time! So be strong, stay away for awhile, and go get your ex-boyfriend back! Good luck!

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How to Make Your Ex-Boyfriend Want You Back!

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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