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If you have been trying to figure out how to win back an ex boyfriend you may need to completely rethink your strategy and get the tips and tricks that work. Read this guide on how to win back an ex boyfriend and avoid making the common mistakes that could ruin your chances.


The initial response post breakup is to panic and beg for forgiveness. This will only push him away further and leave you feeling more rejected than ever. Holding off all action until the panic subsides is the first step in how to win back an ex boyfriend.


You need time away to get your emotions in check and to focus your energy on building up your shattered self esteem. Avoid the temptation to isolate and wallow in self pity by taking positive action - even if you don't feel up to it. Here are some good suggestions on what to do to get mental clarity and keep your mind off your problems

- Go out with your friends
- Refocus on your hobbies
- Get fit and healthy
- Remove all reminders of him
- Be open to dating
- Get a new hairstyle
- Take a trip away

This is the time to focus on yourself and evaluate what it is that you want. There will be a tendency to focus on how much you want your boyfriend back and a pessimistic view of the future. The best way to combat this is by staying busy, getting back in the mix with your social circle and focusing on your health and self improvement.


Everyone feels subconsciously attracted to confident people. There is something very compelling about a woman who is sure of herself, independent and knows her own self worth. Learn how to master your confidence and you will notice an immediate change in the way that other treat you.

Here are some great confidence boosters:

- Date other men
- Change your look and get a makeover
- Learn something new
- Challenge yourself with a new class
- Volunteer
- Make extra effort at work


Most importantly, the trick to how to win back an ex boyfriend is to leave him alone.
He needs time to miss you and you need time to rebuild your self image. Take a break from the relationship problems, invest quality time in yourself and focus on your own goals.

It's true that if you want something set it free. If you are always in his radar and are too available you will never give him the opportunity to realize what he has lost. Get out of his way and focus on self improvement. This is your key in how to win back an ex boyfriend.

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How to Win Back an Ex Boyfriend - Relationship Rescue 101

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This article was published on 2010/03/28
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