I Want My Ex Boyfriend Back But He Has A New Girlfriend

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Is your heart screaming "I want my ex boyfriend back" but you are at loss at what to do? You could barely cope with the loss of your boyfriend and all of a sudden, he is dating again - what is happening here? Have your ex boyfriend really gotten over you? Does he no longer love you? Why, and how can he have a change of heart so fast?

"I want my ex boyfriend back so bad I'll do anything to get him back"

These may be some of the hurtful questions that's going on your mind right now. Well, if  your ex is dating very soon after your breakup, there is a good chance that he is just having a rebound relationship to recover from breaking up with you. He just got out of a relationship and is in need of some company to distract himself. This means that if you're thinking "I want my ex boyfriend back", then your wish is not out of reach.

"I want my ex boyfriend back but is it even possible in this tricky situation?"

If you are thinking "I want my ex boyfriend back", the wise thing to do is to sit back and wait. Do not bad mouth the other girl or try to snatch him back. If you do that, you'll get into fights and arguments with your ex and this will only drive him away - and straight to the arms of his new lover. Right now, all you can think about is "I want my ex boyfriend back so I have to get rid of his new lover." However, bear in mind that this is only temporary and it doesn't matter because in the end, if you play your cards right, you'll stand a better chance to be getting back with your boyfriend.

Remember, his new girl seems like a much better choice than you right now because a new relationship is always fresh and exciting. He is also flattered by the admiration and new-found attention lavished onto him by his new love. However, after 3 or 4 months, the honeymoon phase will be over and he will see that problems will start to surface in his new relationship, as it always do in ANY relationship. That's when you can start to execute your "I want my ex boyfriend back" strategy.

"I want my ex boyfriend back, and I'm jealous of his new girlfriend."

Meanwhile, what you should do is to respect his decision and give him space. Remain in good terms with him and he'll want to keep you as a friend and not avoid you. If he is open enough to tell you about his new girl, then all the better for you as it show that he let his guard down around you. Just do not be blinded by your "I want my ex boyfriend back" thoughts and get tempted to join in if he complaint or criticize his new love interest.

"But I want my ex boyfriend back now or else he'll forget about me"

You'll have to be patient if you want your ex back. The mentality "I want my ex boyfriend back immediately" is flawed because you'll first have to create the environment for him to want you back. If you are worried and thinking "I want my ex boyfriend back soon before he falls deeper for this new girl" then rest assure that people don't forget about their ex lovers easily especially right after the breakup.

What you should do instead is act casual and act as if you are not really interested to judge or dig further. If you are eager to find out more he may sense that you have not gotten over him and that you have your own "I want my ex boyfriend back" agenda by remaining friends with him. This is only the opening action if you want to get your ex boyfriend back.

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I Want My Ex Boyfriend Back But He Has A New Girlfriend

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I Want My Ex Boyfriend Back But He Has A New Girlfriend

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