If You Make Your Ex Boyfriend Miss You He Will Come Back - How To Make Him Miss You Like Crazy

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There should be a rule taught to little girls in school about getting an ex boyfriend back. Since it is almost sure to happen to each and every woman, they should know how to get their ex back. This rule would be: "if you make an ex boyfriend miss you, he will come back." This might prevent the mistake of chasing your man that most women make after a breakup.

It isn't easy seeing the dreams of a happy future wiped away in an instant, and yet you cannot lose your pride and dignity. You might be so upset at this time that you won't care about your pride and dignity, but your ex boyfriend will. Men want a woman they feel they can count on in a crisis and if you show him your strength and maturity, your man will respect you.

It is very important that he keeps his respect for you because a man can't miss or love a woman he does not respect. By leaving him alone and giving him time to think you will be showing your guy, you can respect his wishes as well. By doing this you will be using male psychology to get inside his head and make your ex boyfriend miss you like crazy.

It works like this. When he broke up with you, your ex boyfriend was expecting you to chase him and tell him you could not live without him. But if you just let him go, he will feel you are dumping him. I know that sounds crazy, but that is the way men are. Your ex wants to know that his ex girlfriend still loves him and wants him back. It is a macho thing and feeds his pride and ego.

When you show no interest in getting him back, your ex boyfriend will wonder if you ever loved him to begin with. He will feel that somehow the breakup has back fired and he made a mistake by letting you go. Soon he will find that you are constantly on his mind and he will realize how much he still loves you. Then he will begin to miss you like crazy.

During this time, you should be staying busy doing things to keep your mind off your ex boyfriend as much as possible. Things like spending more time with your family and hanging out with your friends. Going out and having fun will be another way of making your ex miss you because he is sure to be watching your activities.

By resuming life the way it was before you met the man you fell in love with, you are showing him you can do fine without him. This will cause your ex to respect you even more and he will see that he has given up a very special woman. Just keep living your life and soon he will miss you so much, your ex boyfriend will forget his pride and ego and beg you to take him back.

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If You Make Your Ex Boyfriend Miss You He Will Come Back - How To Make Him Miss You Like Crazy

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This article was published on 2011/04/02
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