Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous - The Three Deadliest Weapons in Your Arsenal

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If you've ever been through a break up and later decided that you wanted to get your ex boyfriend back, your first thought on how to get him to want you was probably to try to make your ex boyfriend jealous. While this probably isn't the first tactic you should try, it's definitely a legitimate weapon in your arsenal if used correctly.

So if you decide you're going to resort to this sort of sneaky little trick to get him thinking about you, it's best to remember that it's as much about helping yourself as getting him back. So here are the best 3 tips I know to help you make your ex boyfriend jealous and want you back.

1) Learn to Attract Positive Energy. This is a big one. You need to let go of all the negative emotions that are holding you back and to try to look at all the positives in your life. This will take a little bit of persistence at first until you start to get good at it. But after a short time it'll get easier and easier for you to recognize the good things in life.

And as you do, guess what. You'll become a more radiant, attractive person that others, including your ex, will want to be around. And as he sees that your still happy (or maybe even happier) without him in your life, he's going to ask himself if leaving was a good idea. So use positivity as a tool to make your ex boyfriend jealous.

2) Start Having Some Fun. This one is closely related to the first tip I gave you about positivity. In fact they're closely intertwined. It's much easier to have fun when your in a good mood and full of positive energy. It's actually kind of hard NOT to have fun.

So let your hair down, as they say, and get out there and enjoy life. Trust me, he'll notice and his imagination will start working in your favor as he tries to figure out why you're so happy when he imagined you should be down. For example, "Is she seeing someone else already?" Getting him thinking things like this is a good way to make your ex boyfriend jealous.

3) Start Dating Again. You need to be really careful here, but if you start with the other two tips I've given you already, then this is the Atomic Bomb of how to make your ex boyfriend jealous. And who knows, you might end up with someone better. But if not, just make sure you don't let it get too serious with whoever you decide to see. It's already a little bit of a shady tactic using one human being to get another's attention, so do your best not to hurt the new guy.

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OK. You need to know that making him jealous is only a small part of the Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back playbook. You have a lot to learn, and you don't want to mess this up. I was in a situation a lot like yours. You can read my story at and I'll show you the amazing secrets I learned.

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Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous - The Three Deadliest Weapons in Your Arsenal

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This article was published on 2010/03/28
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