My Boyfriend Doesn't Love Me Anymore - Psychological Tricks To Make Him Your Guy Again

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When the man you love dumps you, it is easy to think he doesn't love you anymore. But, love seldom has anything to do with a breakup. Something hurt his feelings or he is feeling unappreciated, these are the more likely reasons for a breakup. This is why getting your ex boyfriend back is not as hard as it seems. Especially when you use these psychological tricks to make him your guy again.

The great thing about using these psychological tricks is, you don't really have to learn much more than you already know. You have been using these tricks in your dealing with guys without knowing it. Women seem to be born with the ability to make men do their bidding. Yet when there is a breakup, you forget to do the things that will melt his heart.

Instead of using the tactics that got him to begin with, you panic and start chasing him. Crying and begging makes a man feel uncomfortable, that is why he refuses to communicate with you. Being needy and desperate will be a side of you he never thought existed and he will avoid you as much as possible. Your ex boyfriend will think he must have been crazy to want you in the first place.

All of this can change when you use these psychological tricks. As a woman you have to be the one that is chased. It might sound silly to have any hope of your ex boyfriend chasing you again, but you can make it happen fast. Turn the tables on him and make your ex think you are over him. Stop chasing him and go out with friends the way you did before you met him.

In fact, you should resume your life and act as if you never met him. Shut him out of your life completely. If you had a hobby take it up again. Do some volunteer work and help those less fortunate. By doing this you are showing your ex boyfriend you do not need him in your life. Guys are strange, if they think you can't live without them, they don't want you.

To make him your guy again, you have to make him think you don't care. When he sees you going on with your life and completely ignoring him, he will be confused. When he dumped you, your ex thought you would become an emotional mess and try everything you could find to get him back. He won't realize that you are using the best tactic of all - male psychology.

You will be surprised at the change in your ex boyfriend once he thinks you are slipping away from him. He will have a sinking feeling and realize how much he loves you. Not knowing how you feel about him will make him contact you. This is the way it should be. He dumped you and he should be the first to make contact. Just play hard to get, the same way you got him before and soon he will be begging to be your guy again.

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My Boyfriend Doesn't Love Me Anymore - Psychological Tricks To Make Him Your Guy Again

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This article was published on 2011/05/13
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