My Ex Boyfriend Hasn't Called Me - How Can I Get Him to Contact Me?

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"My ex boyfriend hasn't called me! What should I do?"

It's a question that is common. The main step on the road to reconciliation and a necessary part of reversing your  breakup is getting back in touch with your ex boyfriend. Moreover, it's as well one of the most difficult steps in the whole process. If your contacts are too much, or do it too often, you could definitely discover that you are trying to get your ex boyfriend back in the wrong way. However if you wait too long, and before you know it your ex boyfriend could begin going out with someone else. It's a difficult balance of action and patient, and even those people who have experience needs help when it comes to this issue.

The best way to re-opening the lines of communication is getting your ex boyfriend to make contact with you. To accomplish something like this, the method you use are really quit simple, if you are aware of what they are. However, before you think of taking this step, there is something you should do first, and it's one of the initial step you should make whe attempting to get back your ex boyfriend after the relationship has ended: stay away from it for a while, and stop all communication.

That's correct - Once you have broken contact for a while with your ex boyfriend is the best result you will get in re-connecting with him. Staying away from your ex boyfriend, you are giving him time to miss you and begin thinking about you. When your ex boyfriend breaks up with you, what he wants initailly is some space - this is really not a bad sign. The issue here is that a lot of ladies who were dumped by their man are not prepared to give that space... they have a feeling that they can sort things out and reverse the break up, and this really limit their chances of winning their ex back.

If you have done this at any time, it's certain that you have done things like drive by their home or job, excessively call your ex boyfriend, leave him flowers or even send him long notes. You've sent text messages... emails... Whatever you thought would make your ex boyfriend realise that you love him you have probably done all. The truth is that, a lot of the things you did was for your own good: you just did it simply because it made you feel much comfortable and better. You actually left out your ex boyfriend's feelings out of what you did,  since you were just overwhelmed with the ulge to make contact.

At the moment, you are probably thinking "why my ex boyfriend hasn't called me?" little did you know that the answer is quit simple: the reason is simply because your ex boyfriend does not miss you yet. As soon as he is left alone for a few weeks to think about the break up, he will soon find out that he requires so much more than he initially though he did. If your ex boyfriend doesn't hear from you soon this will send him to a panic mode, as well as begin fearing the worst. Are you over the break up? Did you move on without him? Are you going out with another man? These panic will be in the mind of your ex boyfriend, giving him the overwhelming need to be aware precisely what you are doing. And because you haven't talked to him at any time? This is the moment you ex boyfriend will call you.

"How can I get my ex boyfriend to make contact? Are there other ways of communicating with him?"

Contact ex boyfriend etiquette demands you to stay away from your ex boyfriend for sometime soon after the break up. However, after a while has passed? To get your ex boyfriend back, there are a lot of good techniques you can use to initiate contact once more. Some of the most common and easiest techniques can be found below:

1. The "I Found Your Stuff" Call - Look for something that belongs to your ex boyfriend that he left at your house, as well as call him offering to return it (or have him pick it up). If you want your ex boyfriend to call you back, ensure you make the call at the time you know he won't be home, so you can leave a message. He will be curious to talk with you, if you have broken contact for a while. Ensure the thing you are calling about is important, and not something insignificant like a music CD or hairbrush.

2. The "Congratulations!" Call - Call to congratulate him on something. Maybe he got promoted, your ex boyfriend's birthday,  graduated from school, or accolade or received some other kind of award at the time the relationship has ended. This is another good excuse to call and wish him the best. However, calling when he is not home will definitely get your ex boyfriend to call you back, which is your target.

3. The "How's Mom Doing?" Call - If you got close to his family  at the time you dated your ex boyfriend, asking about how they are doing is nice. Especially in the situation where your ex has a brother or sister about to go to college for the first time, relatives in the hospital about to undergo surgery... this is a great excuse to call him asking "Hey, how's your dad been doing?" or whatever the situation. Since you have not called for a while your ex boyfriend won't suspect at once that you have hiden agenda, and will even be happy that you called to know how his relatives are doing.

There are several other powerful ideas for getting your ex boyfriend to make first contact with you once more, however being aware of what to do when he calls is even more important. As soon as that call comes you need a step by step strategy of action. Rather than sitting around thinking why hasn't my ex boyfriend called me, you have to get ready for the time when he finally do call. Knowing precisely what you're going to say and exactly how to deal with the conversation are two important aspect of winning back your ex boyfriend.

To win back you ex boyfriend, you need to get him to make contact. An important role in getting back your ex boyfriend is Communication. Know what to do next, and do not be afraid to make it. Only being serious can you work toward your ultimate goal: putting your ex boyfriend back in your arms once more.

If this is the man for you, don't give up. There are proven methods to make him love you like never before.

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My Ex Boyfriend Hasn't Called Me - How Can I Get Him to Contact Me?

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