Pull Him Back Instead Of Pushing Him Away - Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back And Reverse The Breakup

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After a breakup, you will often hear a woman say that she has tried everything to get him back, but everything has failed. That could be the problem, you are facing, you are pushing him away instead of pulling him back. To get your ex boyfriend back, you have to reverse the breakup.

When you hound your ex boyfriend, telling him you love him and cannot live without him, you are pushing him away. No man wants a woman that appears needy and desperate. Most men want a woman that is strong and mature enough to be able to depend on in an emergency. You will not be showing him that woman by crying and pleading. You can show him a woman he desperately wants by reversing the breakup.

To reverse the breakup, you have to make him feel as if he was rejected. That is not as hard as you may think. Up until now you have been the one feeling the rejection. The reason you feel that way is because your ex boyfriend broke up with you and made you feel unwanted. You can't really breakup with your ex, but you can make him feel unwanted.

Start by dropping completely out of his life. You should not have any contact with him for the next few weeks. It will not be easy and you will be afraid of losing him, but it will start pulling him back to you. What you will be doing is using male psychology. It might sound crazy, but as soon as you stop trying to get him back, he will begin to want you again.

You need to realize that he is not your boyfriend anymore and you have no right to be calling, emailing and sending him text messages. You would not have done that when you first met him and you should not be doing it now. The best thing you can do, is to resume the life you had before you met him. Spend more time with your family and go out with friends for a good time. Ignore your ex boyfriend and act as if he does not exist.

The time alone, will give him a chance to see what his life is like without you and your ex boyfriend will want you back. Since he broke up with you, he feels you still love him. That will make him think he can just call and you will be glad to have him back. But do not take his calls, answer his emails or text messages.

By doing that, you will make him feel the rejection you felt when you were trying to contact him. It will make him as desperate and determined to get you back as you were to get him back. This is how you reverse the breakup and pull your ex boyfriend back, instead of pushing him away.

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Pull Him Back Instead Of Pushing Him Away - Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back And Reverse The Breakup

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Pull Him Back Instead Of Pushing Him Away - Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back And Reverse The Breakup

This article was published on 2010/09/17
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