The Reason Ignoring Your Ex Boyfriend Is The Best Way To Get Him Back - Make Him Come Begging

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After a breakup, staying away from your ex boyfriend will be a hard thing to do. Your instincts will be telling you to stay close to him so he will not find someone else. You will want to keep letting him know that you love him and cannot live without him. But all of your friends and family tell you to ignore him and let him go. Even the information you read on the Internet and in magazines will say that ignoring him is the best way to get him back.

The reason ignoring your ex boyfriend is the best way to get him back is, it will show he does not own you. If you chase him, call, email and send text messages, you are telling him that you will always be waiting. He can take his time, date other women and when he is ready, you will be there. That makes for a great life for him, but a rotten one for you.

You have to show him that you can have a life without him. Show him that you will not always be available and you are moving on. That does not mean you should date other men. Trying to make a man jealous, seldom works. The best way to ignore your ex boyfriend is to disappear. Take a vacation or visit relatives. The main thing is to stay completely out of his sight.

Your ex is more aware of what you are doing than you may think. He will notice that you have disappeared and wonder what you are up to. This will make him see that he is still concerned about you and misses you. These thoughts will lead him to seeing that he still loves you. Your ex boyfriend will then begin to have second thought about the breakup.

That is the reason ignoring him is such a good idea. You are giving him the time and space to experience his life without you and miss you. You will also seem unavailable to him again just as you were when he first met you. When that happens, the process that made him fall in love with you at the beginning, will start all over.

Since you seem unavailable, your ex will be attracted to you again. He will search for you and begin to chase you again. You play hard to get and keep him challenged for a while and soon he will be your man again. The reason that ignoring your ex boyfriend works so well, is men always want what they cannot have. As long as you chase him, he will not want you. But, if he thinks he has lost you, he will come begging you to love him again.

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The Reason Ignoring Your Ex Boyfriend Is The Best Way To Get Him Back - Make Him Come Begging

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This article was published on 2010/09/29
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