Use Male Psychology To Spark Your Ex Boyfriend's Attention Again And Get Your Ex Back

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Your ex boyfriend might seem gone for good, but you can spark his interest in you again and bring your ex back by using male psychology. The dreams you thought were gone forever can be rebuilt and the man you love will be committed to you for life. But, it will take some work and you will have to be strong. However if you love your guy enough it should be worth it.

Using male psychology to push his hot buttons is not hard once you understand how your ex boyfriend's mind works. The biggest problem you will have getting your ex back is remembering how you got him in the first place. Who made the first contact then? I bet it was your ex boyfriend. Who's interest was sparked and who did the chasing? Again I bet it was your ex boyfriend.

However when there is a breakup, everything gets turned around. You want to make the first contact by getting your ex to sit down and talk. You are the one who shows interest in getting back together and it is you who does the chasing. All of this works against male psychology and pushes his hot buttons in the wrong way. You would have never got your man in the first place if you had used those tactics at the start.

When you show yourself to be needy and beg for his love, your ex boyfriend hardly recognizes you. He feels he must have misjudged you all along. He thinks this can't be the strong, independent girl he fell in love with and that makes him pull farther away. To get him back, you have to make him feel the desire for you he felt when he first met you.

The first thing you have to do is stop showing interest in your ex boyfriend. Instead of chasing and begging him, you need to start ignoring him. One of his prime hot buttons is his ego and when the woman he dumped begins to ignore him it will drive him crazy. Your ex will wonder how you could stop loving him all of a sudden and he will also realize how much he misses you.

This will spark his interest in you again, but if you completely disappear for a week or so, his hot buttons will be pushed to the limit. Your ex boyfriend will wonder if you have run off with some other guy. If you have found another boyfriend it will make it look like you have dumped him. The only way he can keep from looking like a fool is to get you back. That is when your ex will start chasing you again.

However, your ex boyfriend will not only want you back to save his reputation, but using male psychology to push his hot buttons will make him realize how much he loves you and wants to share his life with you. This will make him beg you to forgive him and take him back.

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Use Male Psychology To Spark Your Ex Boyfriend's Attention Again And Get Your Ex Back

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This article was published on 2012/05/23
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