What To Do When Your Ex Boyfriend Won't Talk To You - Make Him Miss You And Come Crawling

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After your boyfriend breaks up with you, it would be nice if he would talk to you. You feel that a little give and take would help you make up and be a happy couple again. But, every time you try to contact him, he rejects you. How can you ever work things out without communication? The answer to that is you can't.

What to do when your ex boyfriend won't talk to you is make him miss you and come crawling. You won't be able to do that if you stay in his face and keep pleading with him. You have to make him regret the breakup and become desperate to have you back. That may sound like an impossibility to you right now, but you can accomplish all of these things by using a little male psychology.

As long as you keep going after your ex boyfriend, he knows he can have you back at the snap of his fingers. If you want him to begin talking to you and get your ex boyfriend back, you have to instill some doubt in his mind.The way to do that is to make him think you are over him and ready to move on.

It always amazes me when women say men are hard to understand, when in reality they are easy. The only male psychology you have to understand to get him back and have him following you around like a robot is this. A man will always go after what he thinks he can't have and he will claw like a tiger to get back what he thinks he has lost.

To make this happen, you need to dump him. Make him think you no longer want him and might be interested in some other guy. The great thing about it is, you can also have a good time doing it. However, it will take some strength and you cannot be afraid of making him feel a little pain. You need to walk away from him the same as he walked away from you.

Let him hear reports of you being out on the town and men buzzing around you like bees after honey. He knows how desirable you are and the thought of losing you will drive him crazy. Your ex boyfriend will begin to miss you and regret not talking to you when he had the chance. As I said, men are pretty easy to understand.

Your ex boyfriend who would not talk to you will be calling you, but you should be unavailable for a while. Make him think you no longer care and he can't have you. He will still consider you his girlfriend, so the thought of losing what he feels is his will not be something he can accept. Of course you don't want to hold out too long and you can give him some hope by taking a call now and then. Soon he will come crawling back and be a talking machine.

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What To Do When Your Ex Boyfriend Won't Talk To You - Make Him Miss You And Come Crawling

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This article was published on 2011/05/04
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