What You Must Know If Your Ex Boyfriend is Dating Someone Else

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You know that this day is bound to arrive, but just how should you cope with ex boyfriend seeing someone new? Especially if you have been dumped in the first place and is dying to get him back. You may even think that getting back with him is no longer possible as your fate is sealed by his change of heart. According to relationship best-selling author T. W. Jackson, you still stand a good chance if you know how to go about.

Jackson stressed that your odds of getting back with your ex boyfriend is at its highest if this is just a rebound relationship for him. This means that your ex boyfriend is getting over his break up pain by entering into a "comfort" relationship that have a weak foundation.

Interestingly, girls stand a better chance of snatching their exes back from another girl compared to a guy in similar scene. To this, Jackson points out that girls generally have a higher set of expectation before they date a guy, while guys are generally less choosy. A girl will need her guy to click with her on an emotional basis while all it takes for the guy is physical attraction. So if your ex boyfriend is dating, it's not as serious as you would have thought.

While his goal is to get someone to be by his side, he'll also want to explore around and see what type of girl he really wants. He may go for someone that's totally different from you, just to see how it goes. Generally, if your ex boyfriend started dating again within 2 weeks from the break up, it is very likely to be a rebound relationship. Your goal here is to show him that you are the exact type of girl that he wants and need.

So no matter how bad it hurts inside, let him be on his quest. Sometimes doing nothing is much better than overdoing. Your ex will definitely want to seek your reaction upon learning about his new love interest, and you should give him none. Although there is little to be done here, your coolness will have a distinct effect on him. He will be dumbfounded or even sad that you are not effected at all.

What you are telling him basically is that you are no longer in love with him, hence his new love does not bother you. Do not worry that this will cut off your ex's interest in you because people always want what they cannot have. The more you walk away, the more interested he'll be, even though it start off as mere curiosity. Keep him curious and you'll continue to interest him.

If you have managed to stay friends with him, you can add a more active approach that is to be a good listener and be happy for him. Never attempt to criticise the other girl. Your ex will be impressed at your grace and make you naturally more desirable to him once he come to the realization that you have already slipped from his arms. Once he full the full extent of losing you, it is likely that he wish that you were still an item.

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What You Must Know If Your Ex Boyfriend is Dating Someone Else

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This article was published on 2010/03/27
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