When Should You Tell Your Ex Boyfriend You Miss Him? - Timing Is Vital To Getting Your Ex Back

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After a breakup, you are sure to start missing your ex boyfriend. You will think of all of the good times you had together and it will seem like paradise. You know you shouldn't call him and tell him you cannot live without him. Thinking of calling him make you miss him even more. So when should you tell your ex boyfriend you miss him?

If it within a short time after the breakup, you should have no contact with him at all. Calling him to tell him you miss him will only result in you beginning to cry and beg. He might feel sorry for you, but it will only make you look weak and desperate and sure that he was right to breakup with you. When he broke up with you, he knew you still loved him and would miss him. So there is no use in losing your pride and dignity.

When should you call you ex boyfriend and tell him you miss him? Never! If you want to get your ex back, you need to make him call you and say he misses  you. Staying in contact with him will not make him miss you. The best way to make him miss you is to let him go and move on with your life. Find other interests and reconnect with your family. Live the life you had before you met him and appear to be happy and care free.

That was the type of person you were when he fell in love with you and that is the person he will miss. So, put as much distance between your ex and yourself as possible. Act as if he does not exist. When you do this, you are walking away from him just as he walked away from you. Your ex boyfriend will not expect you to be strong enough to do this and he will be confused.

You are changing the whole dynamics of the breakup around and he is the one feeling rejected. That will make him do some thinking. He does not want to lose you, but now he is in the position of either letting you go or swallowing his pride and admitting he was wrong. Don't let him have too long to decide. You can make his decision for him.

Go out with your friends and be seen having a good time. Flirt with some of the guys and get them swarming around you like bees after honey. Your ex boyfriend will hear about how popular you are with the guys and he will be worried. He can see you slipping away from him and he knows he will have to act fast. The call about missing their ex will then be made to you by your ex boyfriend and you can tell him you miss him too.

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When Should You Tell Your Ex Boyfriend You Miss Him? - Timing Is Vital To Getting Your Ex Back

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    honey- 2010/12/09 22:02:44 pm

    this really helped me a lot thanx sooo much =)

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When Should You Tell Your Ex Boyfriend You Miss Him? - Timing Is Vital To Getting Your Ex Back

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