Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back With Dignity

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When you try to win your ex boyfriend back with dignity, you have to make a strategy to recover him without going to beg him to return. This is really no way to do things; better ways exist. You have probably already lost a part of your pride so there is no need to lose all your self esteem. There are other ways to go about it and you must learn how to win your ex boyfriend back with dignity.

If you were dumped by him, your pride has taken a shock. If you dumped him and subsequently realized you made a mistake you may want to crawl back and ask his forgiveness. You'll be more than lucky if you get him back when you behave like this.

If he broke with you, ask yourself why he was attracted to you at the start. He chose yo because you were lively, pleasant to be with and the other qualities you have. If you want to get him back, you must try to get him excited again by the good things he liked about you. Start by making sure he sees you regularly, so that he can see that you have not changed and you are still the same person he once fell in love with. Make it blatantly clear to him that you have not changed. If he is unable to notice you cannot force him to, but there is a good chance that someone else might see your qualities and that can hardly be a bad thing.

If it was you who broke up with him, and now you realize you made a mistake, tell him so. Tell him that you understand he is not very happy about what you did, and tell him that you don't expect him to come back. Say you are sorry for what happened and that you would be happy to have him back. Ask for forgiveness, but don't beg for it.

Tell him that you don't expect him to give you a second chance and you probably don't deserve one but wish that it could have been otherwise. Then leave him alone to make the next move. He will do this if he wants to return or is just curious about how you are behaving. You have to be strong both to admit an error as well as to take the consequences of it. If he is as really special to you he will understand your message and want you back.

It is always a big challenge to win your ex boyfriend back. If you are sure he is the one for a long term relationship then it will likely work out. He must be made to feel he wants you back. It is hard to do, and somewhat humiliating, but this is the way to win your ex boyfriend back with dignity.

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Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back With Dignity

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This article was published on 2010/04/02
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