Your Ex Boyfriend - Repair You Relationship With Reverse Psychology

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Did you know that when your boyfriend broke up with you he was using psychology? He might not have known it but he was pushing your emotional hot buttons in a way that made you desperate to get him back. As long as you were sure of him you took him for granted, but when he walked away from you, it made you willing to do anything to get him back.

When he broke up with you, your ex boyfriend was pretty sure you were still in love with him and you would try anything to get him back. He was sure you would take him back at any time he chose to come back. This puts him in complete control of the situation. Your ex boyfriend can go out, have fun, date other women and feel sure that if things don't work out he has you waiting.

You can never repair your broken relationship with your ex boyfriend as long as he takes you for granted. In fact, that might have been the cause of the breakup to begin with. In any healthy relationship, there has to be a certain amount of give and take. If you were doing all of the giving and your ex boyfriend was doing all of the taking, he became bored and went seeking a challenge.

Men always have to be challenged in order to be happy, it's in their genes. To keep a man, you always have to make him think you can get along fine without him. That doesn't mean you can't show your love for him, but you can't let him think he owns you. This is where reverse psychology plays a big part and you can use it to repair your relationship.

Using reverse psychology to repair your broken relationship, is not hard to do. You only have to do what the name implies, reverse the psychology you are using on your ex boyfriend. If you have been calling and chasing him, you have to stop. To get your ex boyfriend back, you need to gain control. The best way to gain control is to make him think you no longer care.

You know he expects you to continue trying to get him back, so give him a shock and stop telling him you love him and need him. Just begin ignoring your ex boyfriend and start making a life without him. Go out with your friends and be seen flirting with other guys. Your ex boyfriend will soon take notice and realize he might lose you. You are no longer there waiting in case he needs you. This leaves him with a feeling of being alone and left out in the cold.

By using reverse psychology, you will push your ex boyfriend's emotional hot buttons to make him miss you and see how much he needs you in his life. When this happens he will be the one wanting to repair the relationship because you will now be the one in control. Once you have him back, you can keep using reverse psychology to keep him on his toes, so he will never take you for granted again.

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Your Ex Boyfriend - Repair You Relationship With Reverse Psychology

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This article was published on 2011/08/23
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